Kit Homes: All You Need to Know Before Buying

Non-traditional homes have become increasingly popular as millennials embrace creative ways of homeownership. The alternative to stick-built homes proves to be affordable and takes less time, are highly customizable and easily accessible to many. You can easily order your kit home online and all the prerequisite materials delivered to you. What is more, you can assemble the house yourself or seek the help of a constructor and your home will be up and standing within a day. It is nothing new though because kit homes have been around for over a century only that it is now that we are seeing more people embracing it than ever before.

Kit homes

You buy parts of a home and have them delivered to you to stick-built or ask a constructor to stick for you. They are extremely affordable compared to traditional stick-built homes. And you can build anything from studios to a four-bedroom bungalow. Kit home manufacturers build homes at their site to be transported in parts to the buyers from wherever they are.


What is the cost of a home kit?

Like traditional stick-built homes, kit homes vary in prices depending on the size and design but they are cheaper compared to traditional stick-built homes. Kit homes manufacturers deliver models that are similar to traditional homes that are built off-site and delivered onsite. Assembling these home kits takes a shorter time hence cutting down the cost of labour. And because manufacturers order materials in bulk the cost is lower, this model of building homes helps homeowners reduce the cost of transport and overall the cost of owning a home. Although the cost of home kits is lower, it is advisable to talk to a constructor to get a realistic estimate of assembling your home.

It is easy to get moved away by the thrill of shopping for homes online, some bear low price tags that you can’t even compare to traditional homes. While it is true that kit homes are cheaper, do not be surprised to spend more than the cost of materials you could require to build a stick-built home. Here is an eye-opener, manufacturers claim the cost of a kit house to be about 25 percent of materials you could source to build your house. Now there are additional costs in the form of appliances, flooring, drywall and more. If you are not careful, you will end up spending a fortune on the skeleton of a home. It is better to talk to a construction consultant before going for these contemporary models.


What are the pros of kit homes?

Overall, kit homes are cheaper compared to traditional stick-built homes. Secondly, kit homes can be delivered within a short time. Thirdly, the precut pieces are labelled to allow for rapid and accurate construction. Lastly, one of the major benefits of kit homes is the flexibility to allow for customization and any customized home is closer to a dream home come true.


Limitations of kit homes

Manufacturers of portable and kit homes built in Hervey Bay impose a travel limit of 750 miles beyond that you have to pay hefty transport. Kit homes may prove cheaper if you are living in a metropolitan area than if you are constructing in a rural area. Lastly, kit homes lack standards and there is still a lot until this model of homes gets standardized.