CCTV installation mistakes you must avoid

CCTVs have become one of the most important investments in Brisbane. Almost everyone is installing CCTV in their homes, schools, businesses, offices, commercial and residential buildings. Cctv’s have also become the best way of securing and keeping an eye on the most valuable assets and property.


Whenever you are thinking of CCTV installation in Brisbane you can always find CCTV in the market for the type of building you want to install them in. However effective CCTV systems can be at times they are unable to protect your assets and Property especially if you make any mistake during CCTV installation. This is why you must learn of all the mistakes that people make during CCTV installation in Brisbane that end up compromising the effectiveness of the CCTV’s they install.


Common CCTV installation mistakes in Brisbane

If you find out that some CCTV installed in certain buildings are not effective it’s because those installing the CCTV made the following CCTV installation mistakes:


  • Installing low-quality CCTVs

When you are purchasing CCTVs you will realise that some security companies will offer you security cameras at low prices. However, the quality of the CCTVs is poor which is why they are being sold at low prices. However there’s no need for you to invest in low-quality CCTVs just because they are cheap since they may be expensive in the long run. Therefore the first CCTV installation mistake you must always avoid while installing CCTVs in Brisbane is installing low-quality CCTVs. This is because low-quality CCTVs always have a poor and wrong resolution, unlike high-quality CCTVs.


  • Installing cctvs in the wrong locations

As you install CCTVs on your property you need to know that the effectiveness of the CCTV install is determined by the locations you choose to install them. Therefore if you install your CCTVs in the wrong locations they will be useless. Therefore you must make sure that you are installing your CCTV in the right locations. The best places to install CCTVs include the front door, side doors, back door, driveway, garage, yard, hallway, main stairway and common areas like the kitchen and living room.


  • Installing inadequate CCTV’s

The other CCTV installation mistake you could make is installing inadequate CCTV’s that cannot cover or you are property. Although most CCTVs cover a wide area they may not be effective enough for covering or you are property especially if it’s on a large piece of land. You must always have enough CCTVs to cover all the areas in your property providing you with quality service and a broad view. You don’t have to worry about having enough CCTVs, as most of them are available at reasonable and affordable prices.


  • Installing CCTV without remote access

Most people think that installing CCTVs is enough but it is not. Instead, you require remote access to ensure that you watch the recorded real-time videos. CCTV monitoring ensures that you spot some suspicious stalkers and criminals buying your property. Therefore as you invest in CCTV’s make sure that you select CCTV that provides you with remote access to ensure that you check the recorded video using the browser you select or your phone.


  • Failing to hire a professional CCTV installation company

You may think that CCTV installation is a very simple task but at times most people make mistakes. Therefore if you fail to hire a professional for CCTV installation in Brisbane just know that you are making a mistake especially if you are not a professional. Instead, you should always have a professional install your CCTVs to ensure that no mistakes are done and that you do not damage your CCTV.


Anytime you’re having a CCTV installation project in Brisbane be aware that many people make mistakes that end up costing them. Since you want your CCTV installation projects to be a success you must always avoid making the above mistakes.

A CCTV installation has been proven to be the most cost-effective method in securing a property. Install a CCTV system today!