Which plants to grow to start

Which plants to grow to start
Salads, tomatoes and herbs like basil are not difficult to grow. Choose the plants you love, but consider the climate you live in and try to pay attention to the soil they need to grow. On the balcony you can also grow strawberries and have a pot of chillies , beautiful to look at and useful in the kitchen. If you have a vegetable garden, dedicate a space to medicinal plants, they will be a useful corner for daily well-being. Rosemary and lavender are very hardy plants, as well as spreading a wonderful scent.

Choosing plants that we can use in the kitchen can also become a reason to be constant and persevere, and therefore become more and more passionate about gardening. Growing herbs, chilli, strawberries or tomatoes is for many a way to make gardening more “interesting”, but it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

In fact, if you are more interested in the ornamental aspect of the matter and you want to fill a sad and bare balcony, flowers are certainly a good idea. Even in this it can make fun to choose the simplest ones to grow , and inform you well which are the most suitable plants for the type of balcony you have, what we explain in our guide to balcony flowers .

Planning the works: the importance of the calendar
Programming is essential for gardeners. Today we live far from nature and we have lost familiarity with the seasonal cycles, however following the right times is essential for those who work the land. In agriculture the importance of the moon is still known, especially for sowing and harvesting.

Through books and the internet, you are informed of the work to be done in the garden month by month and get advice from expert friends in order to create a small green calendar of the next useful tasks.