Turf Laying

When it comes to turf laying, you should trust only the experts. Although the process seems much easier, laying a seamless layer of turf requires a very measured approach. If not done correctly, your lawn will not get a uniform look. The roots may not get properly attached to the soil and the turf may not look as luxurious as it should.

The experts at Alpha Gardening can make it easier for you to get a wonderful looking turf that will add value to your property. Our turf laying services are available for residential as well as commercial properties, including sports grounds such as cricket pitches, tennis courts, golf courses, etc. From start to finish; we are fully equipped to handle the entire process. We do not subcontract; instead we have a fully trained, licensed, and experienced team, who is skilled enough to handle almost all volumes of work.

Our workmanship is second to none

Weeding, watering, fertilising; we address all aspects of turf laying. No more manual labour; we have access to state-of-the-art machinery that helps us prepare the soil and lay the turf as accurately as possible. We will first dig up the soil and then, we will remove the weeds and other unwanted elements from it. Then, we will prepare the ground for installation. Our high-tech machinery helps us level the soil as uniformly as possible, which means we will be able to accurately lay the foundation of your new lawn.

Once the foundation is ready, we will get fresh ready-to-use turf delivered at your site. Our team will immediately start the laying process and will ensure that it is watered as soon as it is installed so that the roots start growing. This will help the turf bond quickly with the soil and start growing luxuriously. We will trim and tile the turf in the best possible way so that it blends well with your landscape.

We can help you make better choices

With so many grass varieties to choose from, people often find it difficult to select the one that will best suit their property or needs. The team at Alpha Gardening deals with all popular varieties and will be able to outline the pros and cons of each of them so that you can make informed decisions. We can help you choose the most appropriate turf variety depending on your soil type, water availability, and budget.

Our turf-laying process is

  • Environment-friendly: We use organic fertilisers, pesticides, and insecticides.
  • Safe: We adhere to the highest safety standards in order to assure you a satisfying experience. Further, we are fully insured, giving you the peace of mind that in case something goes wrong, you will not have to bear the loss.
  • Cost-effective: Our prices are highly competitive. We do also offer discounts to our regular and special customers.

We will guide you on how to take care of your lawn

Once the turf is installed, we will thoroughly brief you on how to look after your new lawn. We will provide you all possible information on watering, fertilising, mowing, general maintenance, etc. Whenever you need help, our friendly and courteous staff will always be there to address your queries.

Apart from turf laying, we also offer landscape designing and maintenance services. For more information, get in touch us at 0406 918 442.