Landscaping Designs Laughtondale

Once a garden has been designed artistically and installed to perfection, the next thing you need to focus on is its maintenance.  The best of gardens can fall into a state of ruin if they aren’t looked after well. Alfa Gardening is an expert company that provides custom solutions for Landscape Design in Laughtondale. Over the years, we have handled a large number of projects for residential and commercial customers and have provided cost-effective and high quality solutions that have met their requirements. 

Wide Range of Services

When we handle Garden Maintenance in Laughtondale for your property, you can be assured that these areas will look stunning and that the lawns and plants will be healthy at all times.  As part of our quarterly, bi-annual or annual garden maintenance packages, we provide:

  • All-round  landscape design services
  • Drainage system design & install
  • Landscaping decor such as stepping stones, gravel & beta blocks & pebbles
  • Installation of  outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Blocking undesirable views
  • Soil removal and transfer
  • Planting
  • Retaining walls
  • Installation of artificial water bodies
  • Excavation & Land levelling
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Design of driveways & paths

Best Quality Materials Used

When our Landscapers in Laughtondale handle all the garden installation, design and maintenance work, you are assured that the best professionals in the business are tackling the job. We use only organic fertilizers in our work and all the plantings and grass is acquired from certified and reputed nurseries. This means you are assured that all the plants will be of a very good quality and that they will be disease-free.

We are very meticulous in our approach to Lawn Maintenance in Laughtondale. We use the latest mowing equipment and trimming tools and will ensure that all the lawn areas are mowed and trimmed well.  Even the difficult –to-reach spots of the lawn will be trimmed manually and this helps create a very neat look on your lawn. Every job we handle is completed in a detailed manner and we also ensure that the area is left neat and clean once the work is over.

Comprehensive Services

Many of our commercial customers call us for Turf Laying in Laughtondale. We handle large scale jobs with as much efficiency and expertise as the smaller residential ones and can install and maintain lawn areas on tennis courts as well as golf courses etc.  All of these are very specialised jobs as these surfaces are used to play different sports. However, we have the skills, knowledge and the resources to provide you with the best services that are in-sync with your requirements.

In short, we are the experts who handle it all.  We prioritise providing you services that exceed your expectations and make sure that all our solutions are cost-effective too. For more information about all our services, call Alfa Gardening at 0406 918 442. You can also contact us via this online form.