Landscapers in Bickley Vale

High Grade Landscaping Service in Bickley Vale

Landscape Design in Bickley Vale involves a number of features including softscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawns and decorative features and landscape lighting too. Its only when all of these are installed in a well-balanced manner that your landscape gets a seamless and cohesive looks. We at Alfa Gardening are one of the leading companies in this space and over the years, have provided a range of landscaping solutions to homeowners and commercial property owners across the region.

Customised Solutions

We prioritise providing custom solutions for Landscape Design in Bickley Vale and make sure that you receive personalised attention. We are also the experts in turf laying. Though some property owners feel that it is a very simple process, the fact is that it’s a highly specialised job; ensuring that the lawn has a seamless look is about approaching the job is a very detailed and meticulous manner. Our experts ensure that the turf laying in Bickley Vale is perfect and that the roots of the grass get properly attached to the underlying soil.

Variety of Services

This helps it grow green and luxurious as it is able to get all the necessary nutrients from the soil as it should. We serve residential as well as commercial customers and understand that every customer will have specific needs. In addition to laying turf on residential properties, we also install it on:

• Tennis courts
• Cricket pitches
• Golf courses
• Office building landscapes
• Other

Focus on Quality

We handle everything in-house and since there are no sub-contractors, you are always assured of high grade services. On board our team are a large team of landscapers in Bickley Vale; they have been working on our projects for a number of years and have the knowledge and skill to handle large and small, complex as well as simple projects with the highest levels of efficiency and expertise.

In addition to having a highly skilled team, we also use very high-tech equipment that helps in perfectly levelling the soil and we are also able to lay the foundation of the turf well- which helps you get a lawn that is perfectly installed. In addition, we use the best grasses and organic fertilisers too. This helps maintain the health of your lawn and rest of the features in the landscaping.

Landscape Maintenance

We also provide custom solutions for Garden Maintenance in Bickley Vale and this will be planned based on your specific needs, the different elements in your garden as well as the types of plants, grasses and trees you have. Today when customers think of high grade Landscaping Service in Bickley Vale, the first name that comes to mind is Alfa Gardening. If you need landscaping, installed, revamped, maintained or replaced, we are the company to call. For more information, simply call us at at 0406 918 442. You can also contact us via this online form and we will revert as soon as possible. Call us with your requirement today.